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Are You Missing Out on Your Life? 

Have you considered what your best life could be like for you?

Imagine, being, doing and having the best life you could imagine. 

Now imagine not even trying to make that happen. And then the chance to make it happen vanishes with time. Soon it might be too late to try at all.

Today everyone has a chance. We can have genuine hope for success. Never in the history of mankind have we had such opportunity to access knowledge, people, and acquire skills and resources like we do today.

And at the same time, because of this immediate, cheap, easy access, to any answer to any question, we get stuck in having answers instead of taking action. So we know "about" life, and yet never truly know living. 

I say to you, go and get what you imagine is the best life possible. Make it happen and never stop, because any goal, once achieved, only provides joy and fulfillment for a limited time. The real key to your best life is continuous incremental achievement.

Sometimes we need a helping a hand to get clarity,  take the right actions and maintain momentum. I certainly did and I still do. My helping hand is available to you too, if you need what I do. 

Strategic Life Coaching

Strategic Life Coaching is a framework that has brought together the best life coaching tools strategies in the world, including strategic family therapy, Human Needs Psychology, NLP and many others. It includes many of the Strategic Intervention strategies taught by Anthony Robbins and Cloe Madanes at Robbins-Madanes Training, and by Mark Peysha and Magali Peysha from Strategic Intervention Training.


A strategy is simply a step by step process to resolve problematic belief systems, behaviors and emotional patterns. This process can be applied to an individual, relationships and families, as well as in larger groups and organizations. 

What distinguishes my coaching style apart from other coaches is that I care more than I should. I invest into you without restraint, so that my best plus your best equals something amazing for you. I want you to achieve your best self, at almost any cost, even if we have to break some rules.

I believe that your past does not equal your future, and you can start right now to become the person that has your best life everyday.

Neuro Linguistic Programming

Certified Master NLP Practitioner. The study of communication that started the modern coaching movement. I learned about NLP through Tony Robbins in 1999, and I've since been trained by several master trainers, including Dr Ernest Frost, Bill Harris, and others. 

Reality Creation Coaching

The art and science of getting what you want using your own internal, spiritual abilities. Think of these as a combination of mind power, emotional magnetism, and effective communication with the universal consciousness to guide us to our best life. It is fun, and presents an incredible personal growth opportunity. Works like magic.

Who Am I?

Entrepreneur, business owner, investor, international life coach and spiritual process facilitator. I have clients in the UK, France, Germany, USA, South Africa, Nigeria, and Singapore. I've coached executives from General Electric, Coca-Cola, Airbus and Nestle, and over 120 individual business owners.

My qualifications :

Certified Executive Coach (2012)

Certified Business Coach (2012)

Certified Guerrilla Marketing Adviser (2012)

NLP Practitioner (2009)

NLP Master Practitioner (2018)

Certified Strategic Life Coach (2019) and many others.

British, South African.

Living my best life each day in the French countryside near Toulouse, in the south of France with my lovely wife and two boys.

Gordon J Turpin

Jonathan Turpin Business Adviser, Coach, Therapist

Jonathan Turpin Business Adviser, Coach, Therapist

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