Morty’s Lefkoe Method Belief Process

Why get rid of limiting beliefs? Because they’re limiting, and who needs that.

Here’s my story of the Lefkoe Method and how it changed my life.

My very first speech in school, I was 10 years old. I loved writing the speech and adding jokes, and imagining everyone laughing at my stand-up comedy sketch.

The day before it was my turn, I started to feel fear and anxiety about speaking in front of the class. I didn’t sleep well that night as I imagined how afraid I would look, and how embarassed I would be if I messed up the delivery, forgot my words, or nobody laughed at my jokes.

From the moment I woke up, the speech was on my mind. I felt panicky, and my stomach was in a knot. As the time slowly approached for my turn to present, the bad feelings; fear, anxiety, sweaty palms, heart racing, dry mouth, only increased.

My name was called, I went to the front of the class and instead of delivering an awesome speech that I could be proud of, I read it word it word. I looked up to make eye contact with my audience, and when I looked back at my paper I had lost my place. I hit a blank… after a few seconds of awkward silence I found where I had left off.

Ninty seconds later I was done and raced back to my chair, thankful it was over, and ready to puke.

I had a fear of public speaking ever since, and to make matters worse was my red face would reveal my embarrassment. I blushed easily and this resulted in further anxiety and even a phobia of having attention on me, because I would quickly go red and my eyes would water. This is also known as social anxiety.

This experience repeated each year. I got much better at writing and delivering speeches, but I hated it. I was always afraid to speak in public or have people put their attention on me.

So like most people that afraid of speaking in public, I avoided it at all costs. I avoided taking leadership roles, or taking increased responsibility at work that required managing other, even when I was perfectly capable of doing that.

I missed out on many professional opportunities and earned less than I was worth, and felt bitter about other people doing well because they were confident. The fear of speaking and social anxiety stopped me from sharing my stories, and when I did, I spoke really quickly and with the least amount of words possible. That made me feel that I couldn’t entertain with stories, and I couldn’t connect deeply with others. I envied others that could speak well.

Early in my entrepreneur journey, I saw that people that spoke publicly and on stage sold more, had more fans, and made a lot more money too.

I was determined to overcome my fear of speaking and become a skilled speaker, so I joined Toastmasters. What a disaster. No matter what I did, my fear was debilitating. I did the first speech and never went back.

Then in 2009, I came across Morty Lefkoe’s DVD program called Undo Your Fear of Public Speaking. (It’s now called Natural Confidence and is available as online videos).

What Morty had discovered was that a cluster of 19 beliefs were held in common with people that had the fear of public speaking. It was scientifically tested and the results were spectacular. When compared with others programs, the Lefkoe Method outperformed them on every measurement.

Now by that time I had already been working professionally in clearing limiting beliefs for over 2 years, and I had come across many “solutions” to limiting beliefs, including Bruce Lipton’s Biology of Belief, Psych-K, hypnosis, Frans Kromhout’s Quantum Energetix, NLP and EFT tapping. I really considered myself somewhat of an expert on beliefs. I was wrong. What I believed about beliefs was about to be proven wrong.

After the first Lefkoe Method session, I knew without any doubt that this was the one technique that would work on me. I did the process and I learned to do the process on others.

My fear of public speaking gradually became less and less – without doing any public speaking.

I was working on business and income goals at that time and after learning the process, effectively and permanently eliminated many limiting beliefs around money. My income went up 1000% soon after. I worked on my wife’s money beliefs too, and her income went up 300% in couple of months, and after a few years she has reached the top 5% of salary earners in the country.

I didn’t become a professional speaker as a result of doing the Lefkoe Method, but what I got was what I really wanted – professional and financial success.


Of all the methods and hocus pocus on beliefs, The Lefkoe Method is one that you can bank on.

I never met Morty in person, however I did get a chance to let him know how much his work has impacted my life and my business before he passed away.

From all of his material that I have seen; videos, interviews, trainings, articles and books I conclude that this world is a much better place because he has lived. And his contribution to mankind will never be forgotten

If you would like help in applying the Lefkoe Method to eliminate your troublesome beliefs, or to find the specific beliefs that cause your unwanted condition, feel free to reach out me.

Since 2009 I have done hundreds of sessions with others and eliminated beliefs of all kinds, leading to instant and dramatic personal change. Your can work with me or one of my qualified students.

Would you like to experience this for yourself?