Powerfully align your Beliefs, Values and Identity to Create the Life You Really Want

Hey, I’m Jonathan.

Personal reality architect, belief deprogrammer and life coach to expats in Europe.

A completely new way of being is in store for you.

Jonathan changed my life. I stopped smoking, lost 12 kg in 3 weeks, and beat depression and anxiety. He did in 3 sessions what psychiatrists could not do for me in 10 years.

Jody Buckton


…miraculously made deals worth millions with Jonathan’s coaching. I just followed the process step by step, and then it happened. Unbelievable, but true.

Clem Hurter


He gets to the root of the matter very quickly, and as result we have made rapid progress. After each session I feel like I can take on the world.

Melissa Andrews


I found Jonathan’s practical application of the techniques and processes to be at the highest level. His technical skill and ability is world class.

Robert Berrington


He has the gift of a true healer – mentally, emotionally and physically. I’m blessed to have benefited from his work and healing in my life. Much gratitude.

Bernd Wachowski

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If you’re here, you’re in the market for change.

I understand that. Maybe you want change right now, maybe you’re thinking about it but not yet sure when you want to change. So in the meantime, let me tell you what I do, who I am, and the story so far.

The REALITY CREATION coaching program

After 20 years of research, thousands of hours of study, practice, coaching, observations, and my own personal experiences, I have crafted a beautiful, transformative psycho-spiritual journey just for you.

What is the Reality Creation coaching program all about?

I have studied and practiced philosophy, nutritional and complementary medicine, and trained in many disciplines, including NLP, healing, kinesiology, cognitive therapies, past life regression, hypnosis, and a few lesser known therapies. In that time I have had the honor of completing 1000 hours of coaching with 200 clients from around the world.

How does it work?

I provide a personal experience, and give you both what you WANT and NEED to move you forward in personal, financial and spiritual growth.

As a byproduct of this work, you can expect:

  1. To dramatically increase your feelings of self-worth, self-love, and self-confidence.
  2. Belief and certainty that you can be in control of your present and future.
  3. To make permanent shifts in your identity for the better.
  4. Shed old ways of being, harmful habits and behaviors that no longer serve you.
  5. Increased love and connection with others, socially and romantically.
  6. Increased ability to manifest and attract things and circumstances that you want to experience
  7. Long standing emotional issues, fears, phobias, approval seeking, anger, depression and anxiety begin to melt away.
  8. A significant feeling of increased growth, power, meaning and purpose in your day to day life.

But how?

The root cause is what we are looking for because when you heal that, then all the symptoms disappear as well.

Just like the roots of a tree are hidden from view below the ground, or the iceberg below the surface of the water, it is not visible until you go deeper.

And going deeper, and getting to the deepest part requires the correct tools, used in the right way at the right time.

Do you suffer from any of these conditions?

  1. Negative Emotions – Feeling too bad for too long, or too frequently
    • Anger and uncontrollable outbursts of rage or verbal and physical violence, or bullying
      Fear and anxiety for not getting approval and acceptance from others, rejection, being bullied, and so on
    • Depression, apathy and self-loathing, grief, emptiness,
    • Joylessness, and a feeling like your life has no meaning and no purpose and so on.
  2. Getting stuck in a rut, or a desire to get out of a repeating pattern like:
    • Procrastination and lack of motivation
    • Failure to make desired changes in life
    • Feeling like you are not getting what you deserve
    • Feeling like your efforts are not rewarded as expected
    • Failed relationships, business, career, etc.
    • Lack of money, joy, love, sex.
    • Setting goals and failing to achieve them
    • Physical health problems that have a mental, emotional or spiritual cause.
  3. Spiritual progress
    • Desire to increase your ability to manifest and create reality
    • Interest in experiencing non-ordinary states of consciousness
    • Intention to progress to a higher level of consciousness.
    • Develop abilities like healing, intuition, recalling past lives, or accessing information from within or from higher intelligence.

Each one of these presenting problems can be solved and/or achieved by identifying the cluster of beliefs, internal conflicts and failed goals around it.

Here is an example:

Let’s say you would very much like TO BE RICH, and wealthy and have more than enough money coming in for all your needs to be met and to live well without too much effort.

That’s a highly desirable situation for most people.

So the cluster we are looking for is all of the beliefs, inner conflicts and previous goals in this area.

We all have beliefs about money, some good and some bad. And some beliefs, if you have them will ensure that making money is always hard. We also have internal conflicts that contradict our conscious intentions. And we also have goals, failed goals, or avoidance of goals about money.

Here are some common beliefs that are sure to stop you from having effortless financial success:

  1. It’s better to give than to receive.
  2. Money is hard to come by and I have to work hard for it.
  3. Money is evil and not spiritual.
  4. Rich people are bad. They got rich by cheating, stealing and taking advantage of others.
  5. I will never be rich because that kind of thing doesn’t happen to people like me.
  6. If I get more money, then others will have less and that is selfish.
  7. If I have a lot of money, people will want to take it from me, and I’d rather not have the hassle of nagging friends and relatives.
  8. Its easier to stay the same than to become wealthy.
  9. If I become rich I will lose my friends.

Which ones resonate with you? Do you believe any of these? Are there any that you resist, or make you feel bad, and you refuse to believe or even think it or say it aloud? That’s a sure sign that your unconscious is protecting that belief and its going to affect you at some point.

From this list, can you spot potential conflicts within yourself?

Now why are beliefs so important?

Because if you want to change your results in life, you need to change your actions. To change your actions, you need to change your motivations and feelings. And what causes your motivations and feelings? Beliefs.

So the equation is Beliefs lead to Feelings which lead Actions which give you your Results

This is how the internal conflict works:

For each subject or area of life, we have been taught and indoctrinated what is good and what is bad, we also have experienced life from our point of view and come to conclusions about what is a good way of being and bad way of being. So all of these good and bad ways of being on a particular subject, we call an identity. This identity is just an easy way of defining a role we play in life. Each function in life requires its own identity, with its own rules and ways of being. So when you are with friends you act a certain way, at work, you behave a certain way, as a parent you might take on a whole different way of speaking and engaging with children. These are roles we play in the game of life.

We can call these roles, sub-personalities, sub-identities, or just roles. They are subordinate to your core identity, it’s the base on which all sub-personalities are built up from. This is you self-image identity, how you see yourself, your rules, your convictions about yourself, appropriate behavior, how you speak, choice of words, how you act, what’s important to you, you values, and so on.

So, for every goal or intention we set, we assume a different identity, which is from that viewpoint of the one setting the goal. In this example, our goal is TO BE RICH. If you are already rich, you will not set the goal TO BE RICH. Therefore the identity is one who is not yet rich but wants to be rich. So we first connect with the part of you that set that goal. Sometimes, the identity can be the direct opposite like The one in total Poverty, or a shade of grey, like The one who has so much to offer in exchange for abundance. Does this make sense so far. If it’s a brand new concept for you, it can be a mind bender. But bear with me, because at the end of this video I invite you to experience it for yourself, either with me in a discovery session, or with the step by step worksheets.

So the conflict is any goal, role or thought that is not in 100% alignment with the stated goal. And this is why most new year’s resolutions and other goals people set, never ever come to fruition. Because they’re constantly fighting with themselves, internally; goals opposing other goals, roles opposing other roles, and thoughts opposing thoughts, which very quickly results in too much pain and effort, its easier not to think about it anymore. And then the goal is forgotten and lost, and they just stay the same. Thinking the same thoughts, doing the same things, over and over again. And the next time they are invited to set goals, the pain and embarrassment of having failed numerous times to achieve their goals, causes them to lose interest and avoid goal setting all together. If only they had a technology to remove the conflict, they’d be laughing all the way to the bank.

So to recap, a conflict is any goal, identity, or thought that is different from your stated goal and that sucks the energy out of you when you try to make your goal a reality.

Does that make sense?

It is always in opposition to something else. The goal to be rich, opposes the goal, must be poor to be accepted by my friends.

In fact all of the beliefs I mentioned are in opposition to the goal.

Let’s continue with the example and I’ll show you how this piece of the puzzle fits in, in practice.

If its better to give than receive, you will be inclined to give more and receive less. So you will not receive as much as you could, and when you do receive, it feels uncomfortable.

Therefore the conflict is “To Be rich, opposes Must give more than I receive” If this happens, how will you ever accumulate money?

So you can do this at home.

What is your goal? Write it down.

Now list all of the statements, beliefs, conflicts that come to mind that are in opposition, whether you believe them or not. Just write them all down.

Can you see how, if we just eliminated all negative beliefs you might have about money, that would make your results with getting and making money very different.

It will certainly be easier to acquire and appreciate money, and there’s no reason why you can’t miraculously attract as much money as you want. Many others, including myself have done it and continue to do so to this day.

Now imagine if all of the internal conflicts around money just disappeared. There would be nothing stopping you from being who you want to be, in order to achieve what you want in this life.

That would be very worthwhile wouldn’t it?

But wait, there’s more good news, because with the last part of the puzzle, Reality Creation processes, the world is literally at your fingertips.

What is Reality Creation processing?

Just imagine, when you’re truly clear and free on the subject making money, as much as you want. All your limiting beliefs have been permanently eliminated, all of your internal conflicts about being rich are resolved, now you are free to set goals again that make your heart sing.

What is different about this goal achieving set of processes, is that it is a deeply spiritual process.

How many goals do we have that have been given to us by society, by the media, Hollywood, movies, friends, peers and so on. These are called imprinted goals because they are not ours. They come from outside of us, and from a place of gaining approval from others, and being accepted by people we like and admire. If you have this car, live in this house, have this kind of phone, wear these brands, and so, you will be loved. But that’s not true.

Now if you got rid of all the imprinted goals, including the goals you gave yourself but never wanted, what do you really want for yourself?

When you are cleared of all the barriers, beliefs and conflicts, getting in touch with you true self and your true purpose is more easily revealed to you.

Then you take guidance from your higher self, the part of you that is connected to the all-knowing intelligence of the universe. These goals are inspired goals, they come from within you and a place of living your true purpose, and expressing yourself and your talents, letting your light shine no matter what, and being your authentic, true self.

There is more to it, and it’s an amazing process that has been incredibly rewarding for me personally. I’ve been using this process for many years, since around 2006. Basically, you set a goal that is inspired and exciting and is important to you. You should be willing to invest time and energy into the goal. There two versions of the process, basic and advanced. For simple things that are easily achievable with a little effort, we just use the basic process. For seemingly impossible goals, we use an advanced process that incorporates a lot of detail, planning, focus and creating imaginary experiences or mind movies. This is a guided process only and I’m not able to teach you that on this page.

Furthermore, the way you will imprint that goal into our future, with all barriers, limiting beliefs and inner conflicts completely out of your way, make the goals manifestation almost a certainty.

Ok, so I am getting ahead of myself.

And the way I have explained it so far, you can easily assume that this process is linear, first beliefs, then conflicts, then goals. But in practice it doesn’t work that way. In practice we do all three simultaneously.

When do you notice that you have limiting beliefs and conflicts?

It is almost always when you want to leave your comfort zone and step out, be vulnerable, put yourself out there and create something new, or achieve something bigger than what you have ever done before.

So you set a big, juicy exciting goal and you’re very excited about it. Then bam! Self doubt, procrastination, boredom, anxiety, fear, and so on. And then what happens? Nothing good, thats what. Usually at this point you will go back to how it all was before you had the goal.

So at this point, when all the bad feelings come up, that’s when we attack, and by attack I mean, we get in communication with our true selves, including the shadow self and the hidden parts, and we negotiate a good deal.

So that is a brief description of how the program works and why it gets results that surpass almost everything else we’ve done up until now.


Are there Multiple Levels

Yes, there are multiple levels that correspond to your unique life energy. As we move through stages of our lives, we have different goals and ways of being that are appropriate for that stage.

Additionally, there are two ways to go about the program. The first is client directed. This means, you tell me what you want and we work on your goals.

The second way is through a progressive program of personal development that covers all major areas of living: Communication, Problems, Health, Financial, Love, and a variety of personality traits and behaviors that are not supportive of a happy life for you and those around you.

How long does it take?

Each individual has a different starting point, goals, and problems they want to handle. That being said, from experience so far, it seems 5-6 sessions per area of life does the trick.

How to get started?

Email me admin@optamind.co.za
Whatsapp me on +33 766513435 or +27 845650869

Let’s talk. I look forward to it.

Would you like to experience this for yourself?